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View images that have been taken and received from her patients. 

 Our NEW Mobile Clinic!      

This is a photo from Dr. Stewart's trip to South Africa when they relocated giraffes from Kruger National Park.  This giraffe is being released from the carriage to her new home.

Kristin and Dr. Heather at an old graveyard in Salem, MA while visiting Carousel Vet TruckHere's the truck and trailer... large, aren't we?  :)Here's the back of the trailer.

Hear about Dr. Heather from her patients themselves! 

Wiseman Family Pets    

Name: Beanie
Owners: The Wiseman Family
Favorite Past Time: Posing
Name: Beanie
Owners: The Wiseman Family
Favorite Past Time: Didn't I just answer that?
Name: Gracie
Owners: The Wiseman Family
Favorite Past Time: Water sports!
Name: Gracie
Owners: The Wiseman Family
Favorite Past Time: Brushing my teeth
Name:  Dusty
Owners: The Wiseman Family
Favorite Past Time: House work (yeah, right.)

Name: Gabie
Owners: The Wiseman Family
Favorite Past Time: Online dating sites.
Name: Chloe
Owners: The Wiseman Family
Favorite Past Time: A picture says a thousand words!
Name: Madison
Owners: The Wiseman Family
Favorite Past Time: Being sweet
Meet the family!  If your criteria for choosing a veterinarian includes an authentic love of animals - Carousel Veterinary Services is a perfect choice for you. Dr. Heather and Kristin's love for animals of all kinds runs deep and long, as you'll see below. Isn't it ridiculous that w have so many critters!?!?!

Name: Mariah
Hobby: Perfecting my gait. Really, I am prettier than this photos shows. My mom needs to take a new picture!
Name: Casio
Favorite Food: Uh, foliage 
Hobby:  Learning to walk
Name: Matty
Hobby: Faux Fur fashions
Favorite Saying: I'm just happy to be alive!

Actually, I need a new home, because I really don't like all these other dogs and cats... does anyone want me?  I look much better now.  :)

Name: Stella
Hobby: chewing on hair and zipper pulls
Name: Mouse
Hobby: escaping into the barn aisle as often as possible and sleeping in the feeder tub.
Our critters that have passed away...Patients that are gone, but never forgotten ... 

Name: Arnold (RIP)
Age: passed away 12/29/06 at the age of 7.  He will be sorely missed.
Name: Bob (RIP)
Age: passed away Summer of 2007 from a diaphragmatic hernia.  Always love your left shoulder.  We'll miss you, bald-boobed Bob.

Name: Wondermutt (RIP)
Age: 18.5 yr.          Passed Away: 9/6/07
Owner: Hilary
Experience with Dr. H: I had my teeth cleaned or extracted, my spleen removed, my eye infection treated, bloodwork, etc. 



Name: Quita (RIP)
Passed Away Dec. 5, 07
Owner: Maryellen

  "I was so touched by your amazing 'beside manner' when assisting Quita in leaving her physical body. I am forever grateful to you both for making a very difficult and emotional situation a loving and positive event."   Maryellen

Name: Rambo (RIP)

Age: 17 years old

Passed away Feb 2, 08

Owner: Wanda

Rambo and I wanted to thank you so much for your caring attitude and gentleness last night when Rambo went to sleep.  You made it so comfortable and loving for him and me.  He wanted to tell you what a peaceful journey he had and that he feels so much better now.  He says, “Maybe you could put my picture with the other critters”.  “Sure don’t look my age do I?”

Name: Dragon (Left)

Name: Morris  (RIP)


This was Morris's favorite lookout spot and safe from the neighbor dogs! he is in heaven and is able to see everything...

Thanks Dr Heather for helping me to make the transition so painlessly, however my family is going to miss me forever! I will sleep next to my dog friend Tutshi under big cedar trees and daffodils will bloom on the surface in spring...